Xaverian secondary school was founded in 1994 under the sponsorship of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kisumu. Xaverian Secondary School is a public secondary school (contrary to the thought from some that it might be private!). This school is the only one bearing that name in this country, even though internationally, there are many other high schools, especially in Europe and US called Xaverian Secondary or High School run by The Xaverian Brothers or under the Xaverian Missionaries. The school was briefly managed from the primary school at the foundation stages. It was provisionally registered by the Ministry of Education in 1994. The school was fully registered by the ministry in August 1999 as a single stream and about a year later in July 2000 re-registered as a double streamed school.

The need for the establishment of the school arose as a result of the continued good performance of the standard eight pupils of the Xaverian Primary School in KCPE and the consequent imbalance between the numbers qualifying for secondary schools and the limited form I places available within the surrounding secondary schools. The school was initially located within the premises of the primary school under the management of the Xaverian Primary School. The first head teacher of the school was indeed the then head teacher of the primary school. In 1995 the school was relocated to the present premise, which was part of the reserve land for the expansion of the Xaverian Primary School. The school is situated in a very small space well under one hectare of land. The school began with very limited facilities: the initial single stream status with four classrooms and hardly any office. The first principal of this school was Mrs Emily Okhoba who headed the school till the year 2000. She handed Mr Douglas Otieno who had a brief stint between January 2001 and March of the same year, then later principal, Mrs. Jacinta Kapiyo took over from March 2001to December 2008 and the present Principal is Mr. Mathews Otieno- January 2009 to date.

Form Two Blue 2010


Form two Blue is a boys class of 38 students who are academically focused. The class led in all the school exams the whole of the year 2010 …

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